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A Chiropractor’s primary concern is the optimal functioning of the spine and nervous system. A pair of spinal nerves, coming off the spinal cord, exits between each vertebra. These nerves supply and influence every organ, tissue and cell in the body. Any displacement can cause the spinal nerve that exits at that vertebra to become irritated or compressed.

Very often the way that baby is lying in mommy’s tummy can affect the alignment of the baby’s spine. If the head is squashed up against the wall of the uterus or the pelvis or if there are space constraints such as breech positions, multiple babies or big baby-small mommy, it can restrict the ability of the baby to move while in-utero. This could result in the baby’s joints being jammed or displaced. Once baby is born, displaced vertebrae in the neck can be easily noticed as baby will tend to have a ‘favourite side’ that they will always turn their head to.

In babies the following symptoms could be seen as a result of nerve irritation:

·         Head favouring to one side

·         Asymmetric head position

·         Irritable bowel – Cramps, winds, reflux

·         Colic – late afternoon crying or niggling

·         Excessive arching (up till 6 months)

·         Difficulty sleeping

·         Recurring ear infections

·         Not rolling, crawling or walking properly

It is important that you take your baby to a chiropractor who is familiar with treating babies as sometimes there are other factors that may be contributing to your baby’s symptoms.

At Back in Motion, Dr Sonja specialises in treating babies – although I do see the rest of the family too.

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