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Antenatal classes, des hoppenstein

Becoming parents is undoubtedly one of the biggest life changes a couple undergoes.

Give yourselves and baby the best in terms of pregnancy, birth, feeding and baby care. Knowledge is the key to this investment.

Prenatal classes aim to answer your many questions. How can I feel better in pregnancy? What is new in pain relief? Is a caesarean safe? Is a natural birth possible? Should I breastfeed? Why is baby crying? How do I put him to sleep? Bath him? How often should I feed him? Is postnatal depression preventable? Etc. etc.

South Africans have dissatisfying birth experiences. Many women are victims of ignorance. Couples can change the outcomes of this special time without having regrets. I feel I can make a difference by educating parents-to-be so they can make the best choices for themselves.

My passion is pregnancy, birth and babies. I would love to work with you in this fun and accepting forum.

Why Dr Des’s Antenatal Course?

  • Registered GP (Medical Doctor)
  • 17 years teaching the course
  • Experienced six births herself!
  • Comprehensive course
  • Extensive notes provided
  • Warm sociable environment
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